After painstaking research on the Demon Refining Elixir, an unexpected mishap leads to the absorption of the elixir’s power, causing a chaotic surge of magic and resulting in memory loss. He Ansheng, a kind and honest healer from the Wuyou Village, comes to the rescue. As He Ansheng and the mysterious orphan girl Xiao Bai (Su Su) embark on a journey to uncover their identities and memories, their love gradually blossoms. However, within Xiao Bai’s (Su Su’s) body, the Demon Refining Elixir teeters on the brink of losing control. Will Su Su’s identity as a member of the demon tribe be revealed? As humans and demons follow separate paths, what fate awaits the love between Xiao Bai and Ansheng? Can the centuries-old divide between humans and demons ever be bridged?

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